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Nika Bella Dea is the editor of three books published by WellHeeledDominatrix.com: Femdom Firsts, 69 Shades of Red, and Bizzare Femdom Fetishes.

Nika is an avid (and stern!) practitioner of the Femdom philosophy. She is in very happy marriage with her submissive husband. They live in a beach community near Tampa-St Petersburg, Florida.

Nika got her first taste of the Femdom lifestyle in her teen years when she learned by trial and error many effective and rewarding techniques for manipulating men with her body and her mind.

From that early age, she always sought the dominant role in her relationships with men. But, it wasn’t until her husband approached her about formalizing their D/s relationship that she became a firm (and full-time) adherent to the philosophies of female-led relationships.

Since then, they’ve become active explorers of all things BDSM. Nika has a curiosity of many fetishes, but finds flogging, pegging, and nipple play to be among her current favorites. She has a special love of CBT. Nothing makes her quite as excited as the act of whipping her sub’s hard cock.

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Slave Dragos is the author of Energy and BDSM: Exploration of a Deeper Experience.

Dragos was born with a servant’s heart. He began his journey into BDSM very early in life. He quickly realized there was something far beyond the sexual and “deviant” facade of this alternative lifestyle, and he began seeking the spiritual side of bondage, masochism and submissive service.

Dragos is now owned by Mistress Oasis, with whom he discovered a deep, magical connection. Dragos loves to have his masochistic and psychological boundaries pushed and tested – and Mistress Oasis loves to push and test him. Check out his blog HERE.

Dragos has a passion for helping others find their way to real happiness and fulfillment in the BDSM world. If you’ve always felt there must something more to kink, Dragos’ book will help you find it.



I lead a life that most only read or hear about in sordid novels or risqué movies.

I’m a male slave. A very powerful woman controls my life…and my body. Some would call me a “sex slave.”
However, my relationship and dynamic with my Mistress go far deeper. There is a connection between us that greatly transcends the sexual plane. In fact, I would dare to say it goes deeper than “love…”  

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HowToSeduceYourTeacherScarlett Palm is the author of How To Seduce Your Teacher: Abby’s Story.

Scarlett is in a loving polyandrous relationship with two men who worship her. She is, of course, always on the lookout for number three.

Scarlett is the author of several successful books, written under a variety of pseudonyms. She owns a cozy beach house filled with antiques and old books on the east coast of the U.S. In their town, the family appears to be a group of friends, frequenting restaurants, clubs, parties, and the beach in pairs and, occasionally, all together. For all you know, Scarlett and her slaves could be your neighbors. They hope to one day be able to openly share their unique, wonderful, and happy family with the world.

For now, Scarlett’s slaves eagerly serve her in the private comfort of their beach house…day and night.

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