69shadesby Liam

Grant knew there was going to be trouble and that at least one of the suits gathered in the corridor was going to get the push. Maybe even two. Shit… he thought. Might even be me. Three suits had already preceded him into the boardroom, closing the doors behind them…and none of them had emerged.

Not really surprising. There were three ways into–or out of–that room. One door at either end of the long room, and the double doors right in front of him. Grant guessed the poor saps had been ushered out the side door.

Probably to keep them from blabbing to us, or crying about their redundancy. He glanced along the corridor at his tense colleagues, and received a few nervous glances back.

Everyone’s shitting bricks.

At that moment, one of the double doors swung open and Cassidy, the CEO’s uber-stern secretary, stuck her head out into the corridor.

“Mister Grant,” she called. He stiffened. Every eye was on him as he walked slowly toward the boardroom like a condemned man heading for the gallows. But, he knew they weren’t worried for him. They were far too busy fretting about their own jobs.

Cassidy stepped aside to let him in, and then pushed the door closed firmly behind him. Before he’d had a chance to draw a breath, she began with what he felt was a well-rehearsed and distinctly ‘bad-news’ speech.

“As you know, Mister Grant, the board has decided that the company is long overdue for a down-size.”

Oh, shit…here it comes. He sighed as she leaned her tight skirt against the edge of the table. Her open jacket swung back, revealing an amply-filled white blouse. At 32, Cassidy had drawn the gaze of every male on the sixth floor, and earned the envy of every woman. Blonde, statuesque, and graceful, she had become a fantasy figure for many…until her cold, hard manner had been unleashed in the name of the CEO. Grant blinked, tearing his eyes from her figure, and tried to concentrate on the issue at hand—his job.

“I have called you in here as part of a selection process in order to determine, quite simply, who is to stay and who is to go.”

Grant peered at Cassidy, sensing a stay of execution. They haven’t decided?

“I would like to hear from you the reasons why you ought to be considered as part of the continued workforce for this floor.”

“I…um…” Grant began, searching for the right words. Cassidy picked up a spiral notepad, and began to write.

“Interesting start, Mister Grant.” She peered at him. “It speaks volumes about your commitment to the company.”

Oh, shit! “My portfolio…” he began. “It will confirm that I am a valuable asset to the company.” Better! “I have consistently exceeded my set targets, and brought much-needed value to the stocks.”

Cassidy wrote for a moment, and then sighed. “All very commendable, Mister Grant.” She laid the pad down on the impressive table, and folded her arms. “But, it tells me nothing about you. What are you prepared to do in order to remain part of this team?”

“I…will endeavor to increase my assets.” Grant thought furiously. “I will offer to work for longer…”

“That’s not what I meant, Mister Grant.”

“I don’t under…”

“Perhaps a demonstration would make the question clearer.” Cassidy fixed him with a cold gaze. She twirled the pen for a moment, then jammed it between her full red lips. “Kneel on the carpet, right where you’re standing.”


“Do you wish to be placed at the bottom of the list, like Mister Bayford?”

“Adam?” Grant gaped. “Adam’s at the bottom?”

Cassidy shrugged. “He refused to follow simple instructions. If an employee can’t perform the most simple of tasks, then of what value is he?”

This is fucking weird. Grant sank to his knees, bringing a nod of approval from Cassidy.

“Better.” She slipped off her heels, and walked silently up to Grant. “Now, if you would, please kiss my feet.” Grant stared at her for a long moment, then slowly lowered himself before her. He planted his lips on her right foot, and then her left, lingering to avoid any accusations of a half-completed task.

“And, now my calves, Mister Grant,” she said, before he could rise.

For fuck’s sake! Grant trailed kisses up Cassidy’s slim left calf until he reached her knee. Then, he returned to her right foot, and repeated the action until he reached her right knee. His forehead brushed against her dark skirt as he hovered there, awaiting her next demeaning instruction.

“My thigh, if you please.” The hem disappeared from his view, drawn slowly upwards by Cassidy’s pale fingers.

Grant blinked, trying not to show his surprise. As ordered, and with less reluctance this time, he began to trail a series of kisses up Cassidy’s pale right thigh. She turned slightly so that his path led him around to the back of her thigh. Then, he hit skirt again.

“One moment, please,” Cassidy sighed. She unzipped the skirt, unwrapped it from her waist, and dropped it onto the table.

“Proceed.” Grant continued kissing, and quickly found himself planting his lips on her trim right buttock which, because of the narrow red thong she was wearing, was left mostly exposed. He paused as he got up to the hem of her white blouse.

“Just continue around there for a moment,” Cassidy said casually. “I need to make some notes.”

Grant needed no prompting. He continued to kiss her cheek for a few more moments, savoring the feel of her soft skin on his lips. Then, he crossed over to her left cheek. Cassidy immediately grabbed his hair, and slapped the back of his head with her notebook.

“Mister Grant, would you say that you find it difficult to follow simple instructions?”

“Ow…no!” Grant gasped. She pushed him back toward her right buttock, then rattled his head for good measure. Grant knew better that to argue with her because that might put him on a level pegging with Adam Bayford–potential ex-employee.

He planted another half-dozen kisses on Cassidy’s ass before she tugged him away by the hair.

“Well, you’ve proven to me that you can do as you’re told, for the most part.” She threw him a half-smile. “Now, I’d really like to see what you’re made of. Please stand.”

“What I’m made of?” Grant echoed.

“Unless you no longer wish to work for this company…” Cassidy left the threat unfinished.

Grant sighed. “Of course I do, Ma’am. What do you need from me?”

Cassidy handed Grant an empty water glass from the conference table. “I require you to cover the bottom of this glass with your semen, Mister Grant.”

Grant simply stared at Cassidy. She held his gaze for a long moment before she shrugged, and returned the glass to the table.

“Such a disappointment,” she muttered, appending several lines to her notepad. “And, I had heard that you have real spunk. “ She flicked her pen in the direction of the door. “You should leave now. Will you require any boxes?”

Boxes? For clearing out my desk–fuck!

“Of course, I could accept that your reluctance to perform may be caused by the less than cozy surroundings,” Cassidy said quietly. She placed the notebook on the table, then slowly unbuttoned her white blouse.

“Perhaps I can improve the conditions for you.” Grant stared as she pulled her blouse open, revealing her ample breasts, held in check by a pale silk bra.

“Uh…” Grant managed. She raised an eyebrow, then dropped her gaze to Grant’s crotch, which had begun to swell.

“And, perhaps this might help…” She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her red thong, and pulled it down over her hips, wiggling as she did so. Grant stared at Cassidy as her neatly-trimmed pussy appeared. He froze as his cock stiffened.

“Ready now, Mister Grant? Or, should I just get dressed, and call Human Resources?”

“Uh…no,” Grant managed. He reached for his zipper. Cassidy dropped the thong to her ankles, then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her large breasts swung free of the bra, leaving Grant trembling. It took him seconds to pull out his cock. With his gaze alternating between Cassidy’s breasts and her pussy, he began to stroke himself, squeezing his cock until it was bone-hard.

Kicking the thong to one side, Cassidy shuffled her feet further apart…

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