Kurt’s Suckling Fetish (Lactophilia)

fetishby Karina

A few months after our second (and last) child was born, I was having sex with my husband one night and he asked if he could drink my milk. I was still nursing and, while the request seemed a bit odd at the time, I was never one to shy away from weird stuff in bed. I said sure. Little did I know that request would result in me lactating for many more years to come (I still do) – including long after weaning our youngest child.

That first night, my husband latched on and it only took him a few minutes, with some instruction from me, to start the milk flowing. I was lying on my back with my head on the pillow and he was lying with his head in the crook of my arm, his mouth around my nipple, my breast positioned outward toward him. Breastfeeding was never more than a caregiving effort on my part with the children. I’ve heard weird stories about women getting sexually aroused when their babies nursed but that never happened to me.

In bed with my husband, it was strange at first but, when his suckling started becoming part of our sexual ritual, things changed pretty dramatically for both of us.

Kurt has always been pretty passive and submissive. He doesn’t talk much; never gets into arguments if he can help it. I’m pretty calm, too, but somebody has to rule the roost and that’s always been me. Kurt wants me to handle the finances and the children. He earns a good living and I am a stay-at-home mom, content to run the household. I cook, I clean, I nurture.

The next time we had sex after that first night, Kurt again asked if he could have some milk but he now called it “his milk.” He said, “Can I have my milk now?” I once again lay on my back and he put his head in the crook of my arm. When my milk came down, he gulped eagerly, and made happy sounds, just like a baby. While he was drinking, he used his other hand to fondle my other breast, which got me excited. These suckling sessions escalated to him sucking hard and fast while I was on top, fucking him. He would lean forward, and latch on just as he started to cum, which seemed to make his orgasms stronger. That’s when we started having sex almost every night (and still do).

A few months later, I’d weaned the baby but Kurt kept my milk supply going, now nursing first thing in the morning, behind our closed bedroom door right when he got home from work each day, and several times at night, even while I tried to sleep. I started sleeping nude so he wouldn’t have to navigate my nightgown in the middle of the night. Of course, that led to even more frequent sex.

I’m embarrassed to admit that sometimes he would even come home at lunch to get “his milk.” He was pretty addicted to it. It was our secret, which made it even more exciting for both of us.

Strangely, the more he seemed to “need” to suckle my breasts, the more I enjoyed it. I loved having him depend on me for his physical, sexual, and nurturing needs all in one and he was absolutely devoted to me (still is).

Our bedroom suckling progressed further. Kurt started asking for his milk when we were out on our weekly dates together. I admit I found it excited to pull down my blouse and bra inside the car while sitting in a crowded parking lot so Kurt could start sucking my tits…

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