She Likes Staying Wet

femfirstsby the Pool Boy

I guess my wife has always been somewhat of an exhibitionist. What many women would be too timid to wear, she does. Dresses that expose ALL her cleavage, right down to her belly button, high skirts that have people staring to catch a glimpse of her ass…or more, see-through tops. You know the type. That woman you won’t take home to your mother. Well, I did take her home to my mother…and my parents can’t stand her. I don’t care. I have the sexiest eye candy on the street, probably in town. Other men envy me. I know how good I have it. They probably assume she wears that stuff to impress me, and to make me proud. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Goddess (that’s what she makes me call her) wears those sexy outfits to attract OTHER men, and to make me jealous. It works and I like it.

But, back to the beginning. I was going to tell you how our roles have always been reversed. I can’t tell you when I started to get sexually aroused by being degraded and humiliated. I guess that would be a conversation for a shrink. No, I don’t have one and I don’t want one. I like the way I am.

We hadn’t been dating long when Goddess started showing signs of frustration in my words and actions, pretty much everything I did. You know, leaving my socks on the floor, not calling her back right away, not noticing she trimmed her hair. Things like that. I didn’t understand why she was complaining about small stuff. I thought maybe she was already getting tired of me so I tried hard to impress her in every way, hoping she would stick around. The more I tried to make her happy, the more angry she seemed to get. I swear it was like she looked for stuff to complain about. One night, she suggested some “punishment” might help me mend my ways. I was getting desperate at that point to make her happy so I agreed. I had NO idea that she meant sexual punishment. By the end of that night, I had a rosy-red ass and I was thinking of more ways to upset her just so I could have another painful spanking!

Looking back, that’s the night the tone was set for the rest of our courtship and marriage. The very next day, she wanted to lay out and get a tan by my pool. I have a large backyard with a low stone wall surrounding my garden and pool. Don’t be too impressed. That garden is tended to by my fantastically talented gardener. I never touch it. But, it’s nice to look at. The pool has a rock waterfall and the sound is very relaxing. It’s a quiet neighborhood and even the neighbors comment about the soothing sound of my waterfall.

Goddess was lying on her stomach on the lounge chair when I came out to offer her a drink. She snapped that it had taken me too long, and asked why I didn’t already know she wanted a Mai Tai. I shook my head. Was I going to be punished for not being psychic now? I hoped so! I quickly went inside to make her Mai Tai at the bar.

I then came outside, stood above her, and waited for her to roll over. She yelled at me for my shadow being on her. “My tan might be uneven!” As she sat up, her untied bikini top was left on the lounge. She turned over and her tits bobbed as she reached for the glass. I couldn’t help but stare. After weeks of lying by my pool, her small bikini had left white triangles on her breasts and her dark nipples were square in the middle of those triangles. I felt myself getting hard.

I licked my hot lips. “Suntan oil, dear?” I prayed she would say yes. She did.

She placed her drink on the table, and laid down flat on her back. I bent over, and grabbed the brown bottle of oil. I sloshed a bunch on my hand, and then bent over, and started rubbing it on her legs first. I worked my way up to her thighs. As my fingers brushed the front of her bikini bottoms, she spread her legs slightly. Yes!!! I barely dipped my fingertips under the edges of the bikini so as not to miss any spots. If I did, there would be hell to pay. I then moved to the top of the bikini bottoms, and dipped my fingertips in again.

She said, “Take them off.” I thought I was going to lose it right there.

I slid her bikini bottoms down to her knees, and then her ankles, and then dropped them on the ground. I leaned over her again, and poured the warm oil directly on the white triangle surrounding her shaved mound. It was so white. I feared it would get burned but I figured she knew what she was doing. If it got burned, maybe she’d let me rub lotion on it later… She took her legs off the lounge, and put her feet on either side of it, on the ground. I sat between her legs then, and made sure every millimeter of her glistening pussy was covered in oil. She was moaning pretty loudly by then and I quickly looked over the stone wall to my neighbor’s yard. Thank goodness nobody was out there at the moment. I spread her pussy lips apart and ducked my head between her legs. The oil smelled like coconut, but didn’t taste like it. I didn’t care. I swirled my tongue over and under her cunt, in and out. I inserted my well-oiled fingers first into her pussy and then her ass, which she loved. The faster my tongue swirled, the more she gyrated her hips, and the louder she moaned. She came pretty quickly after that, and then visibly relaxed on the lounge. I stood up, moved beside her, and poured oil on her white tits. I massaged them for a long time and she was getting worked up again, her dark nipples puckered and standing straight up, facing the sun. When I picked up the bottle to pour more on my hands, I dropped it and it sloshed onto her neck and hair. Before I could even reach to grab it, I felt a sharp slap across my cheek. She screeched, “You fool! Can’t you do anything right?”

I stood up, apologizing, and reaching for a towel. She grabbed it from me, wiped the oil from her neck, and tried to get it out of her hair. It was no use. I couldn’t even look in her eyes. I knew they were spewing fury. She stood up, shaking and still completely nude, and screeched, “Take off your clothes!”

I glanced again over the stone wall and I was horrified to see our neighbor, Jerry, and he was looking right back at me, clearly enjoying the show. Goddess followed my gaze, and noticed Jerry, too. She didn’t seem to care that he was staring at her heaving chest and her pussy tan lines.


I did, and left them on the hot cement. I glanced at Jerry again. He was still staring, a smile on his face. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t have much time to dwell on our audience.

Goddess gritted her teeth, and spewed, “Get on your hands and knees! NOW!”

I did as I was told. The cement was so hot! I was embarrassed to realize my cock was getting hard. I didn’t know if it was from the oncoming punishment or from the humiliation of having an audience.

I turned my head, and saw Goddess walking toward the edge of the small garden. She grabbed a small branch, and pulled. It easily cracked off the trunk. As she walked back to me, she was running her fingers over the stick. Her naked, oily body was glistening in the sun.

She quickly walked up behind me, and proceeded to give me about 20 licks with the stick. Each one hurt worse than the previous swing. The more she whipped me, the more sore my ass became. A couple of times, that stick came dangerously close to my balls! I was moaning and crying, and begging her to stop but my sobs seemed to make her even angrier.

She threw the stick down, and ordered me to the pool. I started to get in but she stopped me.

“Sit on the side. I’ll be right back.”

I sat down and the hot cement scorched my already blistered butt.

She disappeared inside and I looked over at Jerry. He was still smiling and he whispered loudly, “You lucky asshole!”

Goddess emerged from the house then, and approached the pool. She had a large wooden spoon in her hand. Her favorite one from the kitchen. She stepped into the pool, and walked down the two steps. She dropped down, and got her entire body wet, before putting her head under. When she emerged, she was dripping from everywhere. She was so beautiful. I noticed the spoon was dripping, too. I was so hot but I knew asking her if I could get in the water would not work. She never let me do what I really wanted to.

She said, “Put your hands behind your head, and lock your fingers.” I did.

She approached me, walking to the first step. She said, “Spread your legs.” I obeyed again.

She then raised the wooden spoon, and brought it down hard on my inner thigh.


I screeched. I couldn’t help it. I was trying to take my punishment like a man because Jerry was watching but I couldn’t hold it in. Goddess hit me again, on the other thigh. I tried to close my legs but she punished me by bringing the spoon down sharply on my now deflated cock! I cried like a baby and she laughed at me!

“Are you going to keep your legs spread now?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I whispered.

She smacked my face with her other hand.

“What did you say?!” she yelled.

“Yes, Goddess!” I replied louder.

With my legs spread again, she proceeded to spank my inner thighs with the spoon repeatedly. They were already starting to bruise but I was far more concerned about how close she kept coming to my cock.

She stopped suddenly, and released the spoon. It floated away from her, toward the waterfall.

She dropped down, and leaned toward me. She then grabbed my cock, and pulled me forward. I obeyed, and ended up sitting on the first step. The cool water felt so good on my blistered ass and thighs!

She was still oily, and started working my cock with her hand, up and down. It didn’t take long for it to be standing at attention, protruding out of the water. She lowered her head over it, and took it into her mouth, pumping it furiously. I glanced over at Jerry. He grinned, and gave me the thumbs up. I was even more humiliated, and looked back down. Goddess was nibbling the tip, sticking her tongue in the hole, looking for precum. She did that a lot. Just as I was about to come, she stopped. She does that a lot, too. I rarely get to come.

Just as I was about to lose it, she stopped, turned over, and presented her perfect, round ass to me. She bent over the side of the pool and I knew what to do. I plunged my cock into her pussy and she groaned. She then yelled, “Faster!” I obliged.

I noticed she dipped her hand under the water and that she was now furiously working her own cunt. She came quickly, and shuddered over and over again around my wanting cock. I asked her, “May I please come, too, Goddess?”

She immediately moved forward, leaving my erect cock waving in the cold pool, turned around, and smacked my face once again.

“Not until you learn to be perfect!” she hissed.

She then walked up the steps, and back to the pool lounge. As she laid back down, water dripped from her sides and her hair while her hard nipples peaked with water droplets in the sun.

With her eyes closed, she snapped, “Go get the sifter, and start cleaning the pool, Pool Boy. And, stay naked.”

Jerry was right. I am a lucky asshole.

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