Nika’s Personal BDSM Online Dating Services!

Nika Bella Dea Offers the ONLY Online Dating Profile, Photo, and Correspondence Service Devoted EXCLUSIVELY to the BDSM Community!

Get Dates With Kinky Mates!

Or, get personal BDSM and dating advice – directly from Nika herself!

For every truly Dominant woman, there are literally thousands of submissive men vying for her attention. How do you stand out from the crowd, and win the Domme of your dreams? Your online profile is the key! Your username, photos, online posts, and personal correspondence with those women are also crucial!

What’s the good news? The vast majority of submissive men fail miserably in all of these areas. Having a professional, friendly, and entertaining profile, a respectable screen name, tasteful photos, and the ability to communicate like a gentleman when communicating with Dommes will trump your competition every single time! 

With Nika’s help, your empty in-box will be a thing of the past!


  • Professional Profile Writing and Editing Services
  • Photo Critique/Touchup
  • Editing or Ghostwriting – Individual Correspondence
  • Editing or Ghostwriting – Posts for Forums and Discussion Lists
  • Ask Nika! Your Personal BDSM Dating Coach
  • Correspond with Nika: YOUR Kinky Pen Pal Confidante!
  • Get FIRM training from Nika to become the best submissive you can be!

CLICK ON YOUR DESIRED OPTION(S) BELOW AND NIKA WILL CONTACT YOU PERSONALLY WITH A QUOTE. Once payment is received, you will be provided with Nika’s cell phone number and/or her personal email address. Payment is accepted via Amazon gift cardVirtual VISA, or Virtual Mastercard. Links and payment instructions will be sent with your quote. 

Nika can’t WAIT to hear from you!

1. YOUR ONLINE PROFILE - Nika has been a professional writer and editor of both kinky and vanilla material for over 20 years. She is also the author of more than 25 fiction and non-fiction books. Nika will critique, edit, rewrite, or create (from scratch) an attractive and professional, yet entertaining profile for you to use on and/or other social media and dating websites.
2. YOUR PHOTOS - You're not one of those guys with a great six-pack photo, but a toilet in the background are you? Say it isn't so! Did you have a friend do a great photo shoot, but only discovered an ugly blemish after the fact? Have no fear! Nika has a Photoshop expert on hand to assist you! No judgment. Just fast Photoshopping with a smile!
3. CRITIQUE, EDITING, AND GHOSTWRITING CORRESPONDENCE SERVICES: PERSONAL MESSAGES - Let Nika make your first impression one that every Domme will remember!
4. CRITIQUE, EDITING, AND GHOSTWRITING SERVICES: YOUR ONLINE POSTS TO DISCUSSION LISTS AND FORUMS - Participating on discussion lists and online forums creates visibility for you. Thoughtful, original posts, and responses to posts made by others, can lead to Dommes visiting your profile!
5. ASK NIKA: YOUR PERSONAL BDSM DATING COACH! - Send Nika a (respectful!) email if you need specific advice about anything (or anyone) related to your online dating or BDSM lifestyle activities. She will respond genuinely, in detail, and with compassion...but she will be honest. Warning: If you forget your manners, she will stop responding and you will not receive a refund. Nika practices tough love so keep that in mind when writing to her. COST: $7.00 per email or $3.00 per text with a minimum of five messages. Nika will usually respond same-day, after payment is received. Receive discounts when buying in bulk!
CORRESPOND WITH NIKA: YOUR KINKY PEN PAL CONFIDANT! - Respectful gentlemen only! If you are simply seeking a real Domme with whom to correspond on a personal level, about anything and everything, choose this option. Don't expect cyber-sex. That's not what this is about. This is about having a friend in the BDSM community with whom you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences - without judgment. This correspondence is far more personal than the Ask Nika option above. Nika will share her personal lifestyle experiences with you while you will be expected to entertain her with the same! Receive discounts when buying in bulk!